Gwadar, where golden sands meet golden opportunities in the booming real estate landscape of the future.

Gwadar, often referred to as the “Gateway to Prosperity,” is a place where the timeless beauty of nature converges with the dynamism of modern development. Its strategic location at the crossroads of the Middle East, South Asia, and Central Asia has transformed it into a pivotal hub of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a game-changing initiative that is reshaping the economic landscape of the region.

The canvas is vast, and the opportunities boundless, as Gwadar stands at the cusp of transformation, ready to welcome those who dare to dream and invest. In this creative intro, we shall embark on a journey to explore the incredible scope of the real estate business in Gwadar, where the land meets the sea, and dreams meet destiny.

Anchor City Gwadar

In the heart of Gwadar, where the warm embrace of the Arabian Sea meets the ambition of progress, lies an urban masterpiece – Anchor City Gwadar. A modern housing society located near the Gwadar Industrial Zone. Imagine a place where the horizon stretches beyond the imagination, where the sun kisses the waves, and where dreams are woven into the very fabric of the cityscape. Anchor City, like a beacon of possibility, is poised to chart a new course in the story of Gwadar’s transformation. The project offers a range of residential and commercial plots. Join us as we embark on a journey through the enchanting realms of Anchor City, where the waves of opportunity await your exploration.

As major industries are being setup in Gwadar, demand for good housing is expected to surge within the next 3 years.

Anchor City Gwadar places paramount importance on delivering an unparalleled experience. It boasts the prestigious A-Category NOC endorsement from the Gwadar Development Authority, ensuring the utmost security for all stakeholders. This remarkable project opens doors for individuals to partake in the flourishing prospects along the CPEC route. Situated within the Gwadar Master Plan and prominently positioned along the Main Makran Coastal Highway, it stands as a prime investment opportunity.


Create your residence in the coastal metropolis of Gwadar, strategically positioned along the main highway, by seizing the investment opportunity in Anchor City Gwadar! Situated in close proximity to Zero Point and just minutes from the shoreline, this presents the perfect chance for you to realize your aspirations of becoming a part of Pakistan’s growing commercial hub.

  1. 4 km from the Strategic Makran Coastal Highway.
  2. 6 km from Resorts and Beaches
  3. 8 km From Gwadar Industrial Zone (where major industries are being setup).
  4. 14 km from New Gwadar International Airport
  5. Very secure location close to Army Brigade Complex
Master Plan

Anchor City goes above and beyond to offer its residents top-notch amenities. It’s committed to enhancing the quality of life by ensuring access to education, healthcare, and commercial services. Additionally, it fosters a sense of community living with well-maintained parks, playgrounds, and a central mosque. Anchor City Gwadar is truly a transformative project that is set to elevate living standards in the region.

Property Type

5 Marla Plot - Residential

  1. 125 Sq. Yd Residential Plot
  2. Suitable for 3 / 4 Bedroom Property
  3. 3 years easy Payment Plan

8 Marla Plot - Residential

  1. 200 Sq. Yd Residential Plot
  2. Suitable for 4 / 5 Bedroom Property
  3. 3 years easy Payment Plan

4 Marla Plot - Commercial

  1. 100 Sq. Yd Commercial Plot
  2. Suitable for Small Businesses
  3. 3 years easy Payment Plan
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