Director Media & Advertisign

Managing Director

SMM Manager

Animation & Film Editor

M. Javed Janjua

Legal Advisor

Remansable mentor and trainer along with highly skilled in legal matters specially in aviation, litigation. planning commercial contracts, business analysis, confidential reporting, coat management airline Route profitability analysis sales/purchase & M.R.O contracts

Sajid Imtiaz


Naveed Anjum

Lead Designer

Muhammad Umar Bhutto

Director Media & Advertisements

With over a decade of unwavering expertise in Pakistan’s vibrant Drama/Film industry and corporate realm, this seasoned professional shines as a masterful digital content creator. With finesse and flair, he possesses the skill to propel your brand triumphantly to the finish line using cutting-edge techniques and the latest technology. Embrace the modern era with confidence as he weaves a captivating digital tapestry, breathing life into your brand’s identity like never before.

Diya Chaudhary

Director Marketing

She is nou ped with 12 years momentous experience in NEWS and corporate industries. Proposed, architected and managed the design and launch of multiple high profile digital initiatives for clients Including hosting TV shows, social campaigns, influencer campaigns as well as digital media program.